About Us
For more than two decades, the communities throughout the Acadiana and southwest Louisiana areas have cherished and grown with the zoo.  From humble beginnings as a small menagerie in the early 1990s to today’s accredited zoological park, Zoosiana continues to proudly connect guests to the natural world, through a strong commitment to education, conservation, and up-close-and-personal, pure excitement.

The Early Days

A small, private collection of exotic birds attracted random donations of animals and led to a desire to have a zoo in the Acadiana area.  The Zoo of Acadiana, as it was known until 2013, held a ground breaking ceremony in Broussard to initiate progress in 1990.  The gates of the 14 acre zoo opened in 1992.

The zoo grew and more ceremonies commemorated expansions.  From 1994 to 1998, the zoo acquired more land, added new species, constructed new facilities and infrastructure, and soon became a true park.

A Love of Animals

"We bought a zoo” was frequently said in the Oldenburg household in 2002.  George and Marleen Oldenburg, along with their three sons – Matthew, Michael, and Mitchell, bought the ten year old, 45 acre zoo and its hundreds of animals.

For the next 10 years, the Oldenburg’s, with devoted and talented employees and supporters, evolved the zoo with new facilities, attractions, animals, and a rejuvenated spirit. The philosophy of "quality first” lead to the zoo’s success of value-added experiences for guests, top-notch animal care programs, and treasured memories created daily.

A Home for Animals

Over 750 animals from more than 130 species call Zoosiana home.  Zoosiana’s commitment to conservation through the breeding and preservation of endangered species has fostered a true sense of pride in the hearts of our guests and area residents.  These animals bring untold joy to more than 150,000 guests, and growing, every year. 

As an accredited member of the Zoological Association of America, Zoosiana provides first-class care and attention to each animal.  This is all made possible by Zoosiana’s incredible staff of 25 people, all of whom are focused on bringing a personal approach to all aspects of Zoosiana, from community involvement to animal care and guest interactions.   

It is with the greatest pride and excitement we welcome you to Zoosiana!


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